Fire truck stock photo

When a local senior living apartment complex was evacuated due to a fire two days before Thanksgiving 2017, Life Care Center of Osawatomie, Kansas, played a major role in assisting the displaced residents.


Associates hurried to the building to bus the seniors to a local auditorium, the designated meeting place for the tenants. Associates also assisted in the auditorium, bringing food and blankets and helping to assess needs.


“That night was crazy emotional, seeing so many seniors upset and out in the cold,” said Tammy Connor, activity director and one of the associates who responded to the scene.


Seven of the tenants relocated to Life Care Center of Osawatomie for the night, and the next day, associates helped them find places to stay. Two admitted to the facility, three went to a local assisted living, two went home with families and Connor took in one who had formerly been a resident at the facility.


“The day before Thanksgiving, she went home with me and spent the night,” said Connor. “She then went to a friend’s house and returned over the weekend and went to church with me, returning to her apartment on Monday. My daughters love her, and she is going to spend Christmas Eve with us as well.”


Smoke from the fire caused extensive damage in the apartment complex, but tenants were able to get back into their homes on Nov. 27.


Charlotte Adams, director of nursing, shared how it felt to help with this local need.


“As a community member and as a nurse, I felt like it was very rewarding and the right thing to do,” Adams said. “I am very proud of our facility and staff for stepping up and providing shelter and care.”