Tammy Conner quote

This winter’s extreme low temperatures have taken a toll on buildings around the country, including Kansas.


On New Year’s Day 2018, residents at a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility in Olathe had to evacuate due to water pipes freezing and breaking. Sherry Barry, business development director for Life Care Centers of America’s Plains Region, heard about the facility’s need to place its more than 80 residents. She called Tammy Conner, business development director at Life Care Center of Osawatomie, Kansas, around 7 p.m. and put her in touch with the marketer at the facility in need.


“They were so happy to receive a call and thankful for the placement,” said Conner.


With temperatures dipping below 5 degrees that night, Life Care Center of Osawatomie was able to take in nine of the residents. The rest were placed safely elsewhere.


The maintenance director and bus driver came in and started getting rooms ready. The assistant business office manager and health information manager also arrived and got the new patients into the system promptly, and the director of nursing and another nurse came in to get the patients admitted and complete assessments.


“Teamwork is what made this possible,” said Conner.


The facility sending the patients also sent one of its caregivers to assist with the temporary residents’ needs. The patients stayed for two days until they were cleared to return to their home facility.


“I was happy to be able to provide services to another facility at a time of urgent need,” said Lynette Farris, director of nursing.


“Everyone said they enjoyed their stay and felt like they were treated great,” said Conner. “For us, it was crazy but completely amazing. I am so blessed to work in a facility and for a company where everyone will come together with short notice on a holiday to take care of others.”