A quote from Chase Farley

13-year-old Chase Farley, a student at Wellsville Middle School in Wellsville, Kansas, almost had his football season robbed from him after a four-wheeler accident that left him significantly less mobile.


The care team at Life Care Center of Osawatomie, Kansas, worked tirelessly to help Farley back on the field and back in the game.


When Farley was first admitted into the facility, his ability to run was severely limited, and he experienced a significant amount of pain after roughly five minutes. To top it all off, Farley’s range of motion in his right knee was reduced and he was also suffering from edema, a condition where excess fluid accumulates in or around the joint. Without therapy, edema can make walking almost impossible due to the unbearable pain.



The team at Life Care Center of Osawatomie worked diligently with Farley to help him regain mobility. During his physical therapy sessions three times weekly, Farley underwent electrical stimulation treatments in order to increase the involvement of his muscle fibers. He also worked diligently on exercises that would help improve his footwork to increase his ability to cut left or right as a running back. In addition, Farley’s therapy incorporated the AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill® to reduce gravity’s impact on the knee, allowing him to rehabilitate and strengthen his knee with less pain.



Farley’s motivation and the therapy team’s dedication resulted in significant progress. After five weeks of close work with the therapy team, Farley’s mobility improved: at the end of his therapy, Farley had increased his range of motion, could run 15 minutes without pain and no longer had edema in his right knee.



Since his completion of therapy, Farley has been able to return back to field in time for the fall football season.



“When I first started therapy I was limping, weak, could not run well and was nowhere near where I needed to be for football season,” said Farley. “Joe [Santoyo, physical therapist assistant] worked with me to get me back where I was before the accident. I am happy to say I made a full recovery. I’m happy to be back on the field.”



“It was a pleasure working with Chase and watching him play football again,” said Santoyo.